Consulting Services

Being an independent musician, I’ve gained a large amount of knowledge over the past 8+ years on how to build a sustainable business around my music. That said, I’d love to provide my insight, advice, and knowledge to help you achieve your goals in the music industry and follow your passion. Let’s all win!

Below I’ve listed some of the major areas I can provide assistance and insight based on my personal experience in the music industry. If you would like to get in contact and start building your music success plan, please email me for monthly consultation rates:

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Effective branding is the foundation of building a successful business around your music. Using this especially powerful marketing tool, you can bridge the gap in communicating your authentic and unique product to your target audience in a way that builds emotional and personal connection. I can help you with developing your brand from scratch, provide artwork and logo direction, assist in identifying your target audience, etc…



Live music has long been a staple in the global music industry. Being able to financially sustain yourself on the road can be extremely difficult. Understanding all of the moving parts that go into successfully booking, routing, lodging, organizing additional acts, selling merchandise, working with venue promoters, tour managing, etc… can be very overwhelming. I have self-booked and organized several tours on my own, without the help of any label, manager, agent, or tour manager. That said, I can assist in creating a tailor made step-by-step plan for you if you are trying to get out onto the road and sustain yourself.



Spotify is the most popular streaming platform and gives you a great opportunity to capture listeners and turn them into life-long fans. If you plan and invest properly, Spotify can also be a large source of income to help with the funding of your career. I was able to grow my Spotify profile from literally 0 to over 50,000 monthly listeners in 9 months, and am still growing. However this is easier said than done, I was able to achieve this consistent growth through several strategic moves and networking with the correct people. If you are aiming to achieve something similar and grow your fan-base on Spotify, I am able to share the strategic moves I’ve made and individuals to build relationships with to maximize your growth on the platform.

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Revenue streams

Fully developing all possible revenue streams with your music is the keystone to continued growth. Understanding the various opportunities to create revenue within streaming, publishing, royalties, merchandise, touring, distribution, social media, among many others is vital in taking your music from a hobby and transforming it into a sustainable business.

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website building

An artist website takes your music to the next level. Any artist trying to turn their music into a sustainable career needs to have a powerful and professional online presence, especially in the internet age. When fans and potential fans find out about your music, they need to be able to locate all of your music and information quickly and easily. The best way to build a powerful and effective online presence is to have an official artist website. One central online hub that contains your music, videos, biography, tour dates, social media, contact information, and any other vital pieces fans need to stay up to date on what you are doing. I built my entire website from scratch and would love to help you create a sleek and effective online home-base for your music and content.